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Please see below for the list of services we provide. There is information on what you should expect from your first initial assessment, infomation on how to pay and also information surrounding private health insurance cover.
We do accept payment from private medical health insurers, organisations both state and private, as well as self funding patients and medico-legal companies. If you have self referred, your physiotherapist will detail how to pay upon your first assessment as it depends on the service you require and if any discount codes have been redeemed. Please note we do accept BACS, cheque, and cash. However our physiotherapists do not carry cash for safety purposes, so if this method is preferable, please let your physiotherapist know in advance. 


We have previously worked with all major insurance companies. To allow you to pay for your private physiotherapy using your privte health insurance you will need to follow these 5 easy steps:


  1. Contact your insurance company.

  2. Inform them you wish to choose your own physiotherapy provider in 4front Physiotherapy.

  3. Agree if the insurance company will pay 4front Physiotherapy directly or if they will reimburse you of the cost.

  4. Inform 4front Physiotherapy and provide them with the insurance contact details.

  5. Commence physiotherapy and begin your road to recovery.. 


Contact for FREE advice TODAY

Thank you for contacting 4front Physiotherapy. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Many thanks, the 4front Physiotherapy team.


The physiotherapist will:

  • Take a full history of your condition/injury/problem and ask many questions surrounding the complaint to aid the physiotherapist's clinical reasoning to formulate diagnosis and treatment plans.

  • Prepare to remove clothing so the physiotherapist can gain access to the area.

  • Prepare to have your pain/discomfort temporarily reproduced so the physiotherapist can accurately diagnose your complaint. It may be useful to bring some pain relief to take after the assessment but not before.

  • The physiotherapist will be able to reliably diagnose your problem through the history and objective assessment and give you information and educate you on how to start managing your complaint immediately.

  • You will then formulate a collaborative treatment and management plan, including discussing goals and timescales to achieve them in. 

  • You will recieve some treatment if there is time left from the 45 miute initial assessment or if you wish you could book a 30 minute follow up session immediately to commence treatment straight from the assessment. 


The occupational therapist will:

  • Take a full history of your condition/injury/problem and ask many questions surrounding the complaint to aid the occupational therapist's clinical reasoning to formulate diagnosis and treatment plans.

  • The occupational therapist will look at your functional performance in key activities that are particularly challenging to help locate the root cause of your problem and how best to facilitate this with assisted equipment, extra help or other means of treatment such as exercise therapy and splinting.

  • The occupational therapist will advise you on the equipment or healthcare needs you may require to maintain independence or optimise your potential, and advise you if we supply such equipment. 

  • The occupational therapist will carry this out at your home, carehome, school, or work place.

  • The occupational therapist will formulate a management plan and treatment plan and also disguss functional/occupational goals to acheive.

  • Your occupational therapist will begin ordering equipment and commencing treatment immediately. However if the occupational therapist feels that more time is required for a school session for example they will inform you of this. 


The nutritionist will:


  • Have informed you to not change your diet for 2 weeks up to the initial assessment but make a diary of everything that you have eaten and to note if there were any incidences of upset stomach, feeling of lethargy, or stomach cramps (this may not happen if you are consulting our nutritionist regarding weightloss).

  • Upon the assessment the nutritionist will disguss your goals and lifestyle and activity levels.

  • From then the nutritionist will review your diary (which will be emailed to you once your assessment has been booked) and formulate a meal and nutritional plan to optimise results for your body type and to help you acheive your goals safely.

  • If you have any medical conditions, please state this prior to your initial assessment. 

  • Your nutritionist will schedule when follow up visits take place and will ensure they fit around your lifestyle and can provide evening reviews. 

  • If requested we can design a 3 month programme which will include body fat percentage, body mass index, girth measurements and pictures.

  • We also provide personal training which the nutritionist will have information to provide you if required. 


The physiotherapist would require you to notify them of any of the below prior to any acupuncture treatment:

  • History of adverse reactions from previous acupuncture treatments

  • A needle phobia

  • Low or high blood pressure

  • Unstable or uncontrolled conditions (Epilepsy/diabetes)

  • Anxiety disorder

  • Previous experiences with acupuncture (good/bad)

  • Metal allergy

  • Any other allergies

  • Past medical history

Treatment List



- Initial assessment and treatment plan
- Express Appointment

- Standard Appointment

- Premium Appointment
- Extended 1 hour treatment session with video analysis and feedback (suits sports athletes of all ages from professional to beginners).
- Extended 1.5 hour treatment session


30 minute session

- 1 hour session





Deep Tissue/Relaxation Massage:


- 30 minutes

- 45 minutes

- 1 hour
- 1.5 Hours



- 1 hour - one to one

- 1 hour - one to two

- 1 hour - group classes


At our 17 Meads Street Clinic.

Additional classes coming soon...




Occupational Therapy:

Initial assessment and plan

Follow up session






Nutrition Consultation:

- Initial consultation and diet plan

- Follow up appointments





Care/Residential Home Offer:

- 10 x Session discount booking.

5 x session booking.

(Requires payment prior to first treatment session)

Other discounts are available for care/residential homes. Please consult your 4front Physiotherapy representative for more informtion.



Treatment options coming soon.

This can include assisted devices assessments, home assessments, kitchen assessments, wheelchair assessments, sensory integration, handwriting development, hand therapy, and learning disabilities. 

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