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Our mission is to empower ALL of our patients so you can best manage your condition/injury and promote a healthy wellbeing and achieve a better quality of life. We exercise your right to information. We provide you with ALL the necessary info rmation to make informed decisions about your rehabilitation. We help you with every step of the way through your rehabilitation and give you all the support you need. We also have the means to refer you on to other specialists that may complement your rehabilitation if the physiotherapist’s feel it is appropriate.

We love working with you to set realistic goals and devise bespoke programmes that are filled with expert advice and treatment. All of our physiotherapists are dedicated to ensure you achieve your goals. All of our clients have improved and worked with us to achieve their goals.

Goals that we help you achieve may include working towards those first steps after suffering a stroke/neurological injury, or getting back to a previous level of function following an illness or hospital admission. Other types of goals include, strengthening and conditioning and further injury prevention from an ACL (knee ligament) injury to help you return to your sport. We can also help prevention of injury too. This can be analysing your tennis serve, golf swing, running technique/style, and other movement patterns and habitual postural loading. We can also help minimise the chance/prevent elderly patients from falling via holistic and multifactoral assessments with our falls prevention specialists. 

- Pain
- Function
- Self management
- Independence
- Walking
- Sit to Stands
- Bed Mobility
- Exercise tolerance
- Confidence
- Self perception
- Locus of control


- Cognition
- Joint range of movement
- Muscle strengthening
- Muscle imbalances
- Movement patters
- Tissue length
- Endurance
- Co-ordination
- Proprioception
- Optimise soft tissue and bone healing 


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